Saturday, June 24, 2017

the seaweed is always greener

I recently took a mini vacation to Cozumel, Mexico and was blown away with how beautiful the island was. The water was so calm that the resort had hammocks alongside the ocean water. It was so clear you could see different kind of fishes swimming, we even fed them bread one night. The tropical weather was perfect and the resort we stayed at was wonderful, full of fun activities (my favorite being water aerobics and zumba) and continuous food and drinks haha. It rained a few of the days we were there which I think was what brought out the mosquitos because I was literally eaten alive. The 5 days we were there went by so fast! I wore this sea green colored one piece for one of the days that a girlfriend gifted me. It is quite simple yet the high leg cut and the low neckline make it quite sexy. Hope you are enjoying your summer.


[Swimsuit: Lee+Lani]

Monday, April 3, 2017

La Camisa Negra

Tengo la camisa negra porque negra tengo el alma...🎶 

[Pants: H&M     Top: H&M     Vest: Zara     Purse: Macys     Heels: Urbanog     Choker: Romwe]

Saturday, March 11, 2017


I recently came back from vacation and the first thing I wanted to do was get brunch with my little sister and tell her all about my trip. I was in Costa Rica for a little over 2 weeks and had such an amazing and relaxing vacation. The whole time I was there I was pretty much in a bikini enjoying the humid summer weather so upon my return I was eager to be able to dress up. My legs are still recovering from being eaten alive by mosquitos so these thigh highs were a must. It has slowly been warming up back home so I opted for this lace embroidered top with these cream chiffon shorts. I threw on this poncho style sweater to keep me warm. It's funny because I actually found this poncho in the plus size section and I couldn't find it anywhere else in the store. Nevertheless, I fell in love with how oversized and baggy it is. Hope all is well <3


[Top: Forever21     Shorts: H&M     Boots: Urbanog     Sweater: Marshalls     Purse: Macys]

Saturday, February 4, 2017


Aloha! It still seems surreal that my sister and I were finally able to visit Hawaii for the first time. It was everything we imagined and so much more. The island was absolutely gorgeous. It was a very short stay but we definitely made the most of every hour we were there. We flew to Honolulu and as soon as we landed we took the bus and explored Waikiki Beach. The beach was full of surfers and tourists and we were even able to watch traditional Hawaiian dancers. Something about the music and the way the hula dancers moved made me feel at peace. The following days we went hiking to Maunawili  Falls in Kailua, which was quite a hike since the bus left us literally on the side of the highway. The trail itself was super muddy and consisted of crossing several rocky streams but once we finally reached the waterfall it was spectacular! Something you imagine for a honeymoon :) I had also looked up Halona Beach Cove which was a more "private" beach, it actually was the beach filmed in the movie 50 1st Dates. It was stunning, it looked surreal! There was a little cave and barely any people. Call me anti-social but I prefer a more secluded beach were you can just be in your own world. Who's with me? What islands have you visited and what kind of activities do you prefer to do?
I wore this baby blue high waisted bikini with laced detailing. The laced up sides accentuated my hips and I loved the off-the-shoulder little sleeves attached to the top, it added a romantic touch. I felt like Cinderella. 
A hui hou...until we meet again.


[Bikini: Forever 21]

Sunday, December 4, 2016


Yesterday I celebrated my 25th birthday. Time to go scavenging for some wrinkle creams ha. It still seems unreal to me, I am such a kid at heart so it is strange to think of myself as a twenty-five year old woman. How time flies! I am truly grateful for all that I have accomplished and all the wonderful people in my life and I am eager to see what life has in store for me. 
For my birthday I went to brunch with my girlfriends to one of my favorite spots in Napa. Everyone who knows me knows brunch is my favorite meal of the day. You don't have to wake up too early and you can eat either breakfast food or lunch or both lol. Afterwards, we went to Artesa Winery for some vino. The winery has an incredible view of the valley and it is nice because you can buy a bottle and sit outside and just enjoy the view and the company.
I had the hardest time deciding what to wear, literally clothes all over the floor kind of situation. I finally stopped overthinking and chose something simple but chic. I am in love with everything about this blouse. The color, the fabric, the ruching, the sleeves...need I go on? I tied it at the waist to accentuate my waist and I paired it with my go-to black distressed jeans and studded heels.


[Top: Boutique     Pants: Romwe     Shoes: Mango     Purse: Romwe]

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Los Cabos

A few days before Thanksgiving I decided to plan a spontaneous mini trip with one of my girlfriends to Los Cabos, Mexico. It was a nice escape from the cold weather here in Northern California. We stayed pretty close to the Marina and the downtown area. I was so surprised on how touristy the area is, I know it should have been a no-brainer since it is a vacation spot. I guess I am used to going to Guanajuato in Mexico where my mom's family is from and it is not anything like it. Although we were only there for a short while we thoroughly enjoyed time. We literally only consumed tacos and alcoholic beverages while we were there lol. We loved the nightlife there, everything is so close you can literally walk from bar to bar. My favorite for music was La Vaquita, dancing wise La Mandala. They had this super weird bar called Squid Roe...which had me scratching my head like skid row? Anyways the bar was very strange people dancing on tables even the workers lol I only liked it because they give you free popcorn lol.

During the day we would explore the beaches and we took a tour to go see El Arco. We got to see Pelican beach as well as Lovers Beach and much more including a variety of rock formations. The guide even gave us some tortillas to crumble and toss in the water to feed the fish and when they came up to eat the pieces it was absolutely stunning the many different kind of fish there were. Different colors, different sizes, all vibrant and some even were polka-dotted. The guide also told us that since the hurricane that hit a few years back in Mexico, the water level has raised 18ft so some of the beaches that connected don't anymore. I did get a little sea sick I am not going to lie lol. Later on we went for lunch at Esperanza Resort. The property was the definition of luxury. They have six different restaurants on property. We ate at La Palapa, the view from the restaurant was incredible and the food was very delicious. I hope to go back soon!


[Two-Piece Set: Romwe     Choker: Romwe     Sandals: Nine West]

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Splash of Lemonade

Although it is almost instinctual to gravitate towards darker shades during the fall and winter season, it is always pleasant to see a pop of color. I bought this top a few years ago and to dust off all the cobwebs it had collected and be able to style it was quite exciting. I kept it simple leaving the blouse as the main focus. Sometimes less is more.



[Top: Macys     Shorts: H&M     Belt: Thrifted     Boots: Zara]