Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sunny Delight

Hey guys so today there was a Guess by Marciano fashion show at The Grove! I took my friend Carolyn with me and we had a good time I will be uploading pictures of the show by tomorrow :)
This is what I wore to the show...

[Top: Alfani     Skirt: Forever21     Shoes: Ross     Bracelet with Ring: Fashion District]

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Building Your Perfect Wardrobe

The perfect wardrobe for anyone begins with basics. There are essential items one must always have in their closet no matter what style you may have so don't be afraid to invest a little more money on better quality.
From these basics you can create many different looks! 

My top 5 Essentials:

1. Little Black Dress
Everyone talks about the little black dress and it is a key item every girl should have. Depending on your body type the silhouette of the dress should flatter your figure and make you look elegant ;) It can be worn day or night and can be dressed up or down.