Thursday, April 14, 2016

San Francisco

Growing up in a small and quiet town I have always been fascinated by the city. The liveliness, the busy streets, the fashion, everyone just seems to be in their own world and you stop to wonder where they are going. It is also crazy to think that San Francisco was where my parents celebrated their honeymoon! Today I went to San Francisco with my sister, she goes to SF State University and only had one class today. I actually attended class with her lol and pretended to be a student for the day which reminded me why I am so glad I am done with college. Afterward, we explored the city and ate at a vegan restaurant and of course walked the pier. I love having sister dates with my little sister and bonding over new food.

I wore this grey dress which is the perfect length to pair with thigh-high boots. I love how the boots are more of a taupe color so it doesn't look too matchy. I tossed on my long black cardigan and was set to go. I think a long cardigan is a good basic to have because if you ever have a dress or romper that is too short it covers you from the back and just makes your outfit look more casual.

Do you live in a busy city?


[Dress: H&M     Cardigan: Macys     Boots: Charlotte Russe     Bag: Macys]

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Black Petals

Something about off the shoulder tops is extremely enticing. Even though there are many tops that expose the shoulders or the d├ęcolletage area, there is a distinct difference in the way you feel when you wear something off the shoulder. I fell in love with the embroidered flowers and the ruffled sleeves and waist line of this blouse. Something about it reminds me of the hand-embroidered Mexican blouses and it makes me think of home.
Do you own anything off the shoulder?

[Top: Romwe     Pants: Choice     Purse: Marshalls     Boots: Zara]