Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Feeling Twenty-Two

I don't know about you but I'm feeling twenty-twoooo! :) Yesterday I celebrated my 22nd birthday with some close friends in downtown Sacramento. We had dinner at Il Fornaio, an Italian restaurant which was simple gorgeous! I definitely recommend going to grab a bite there especially for a date ;) For the dinner I wore a simple white dress with an intricate lace design around the neck and a fur coat to keep me warm. [Dress: Love Culture     Coat: Thrifted     Clutch: Mexico     Shoes: Mangos]  

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Silver Lined

You may have already realized by now but I am a huge fan of mixing prints. I just really like how it throws people off but it can still manage to look together depending on how the outfit is styled. This jumpsuit is hands down my favorite piece I bought while in Europe. Being 5'8 its hard to find any jumpsuit with a flattering fit and descent length. I  spent the day with my little sister in San Francisco I love walking around the pier and checking out new spots to eat and the city is so gorgeous at night :D[Jumpsuit: Stradivarius     Cardigan: Target     Heels: Zara]

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lemon Drops

[Pants: Love Culture     Shoes: Stradivarius     Top: Thrifted     Jacket: Forever 21]

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Caged In

I have been obsessed with the black and white trend lately it is just so classic and chic you can't go wrong! I finally got to take these new caged booties out for a stroll. I was on the hunt ever since I saw the YSL black cage boots last year. I probably would have bought them if they weren't sold out and if I had the money lol. So I went on a mad search for something similar and these booties were the closest I got. I was going to spray them black but I am kind of digging the silver. What do you think?[Tops: H&M     Jacket: Ross     Booties: Ebay]

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Prince Ali

Today I sported this ever so comfy jumpsuit through the streets of San Francisco. It was such a gorgeous day surprisingly, because it always tends to be super gloomy in the city. I am loving the sheer legs of this jumpsuit because they add a discreet touch of sexiness! Howeverrrr, this jumpsuit is very dangerous because since it is wide legged, you can easily get your foot caught while walking if it is windy which unfortunately happened to me and I literally ate the pavement lol. In this circumstance all one can do is laugh and quickly get up before anyone sees! Have you guys ever experienced something of this sort?Anyway, San Francisco as well as every other city has a lot of really cool graffiti. There are many alleys full of pretty interesting artwork, this one in particular caught my attention. Something about the elephants and the colors it reminds me of the Disney movie Aladdin. I am such a sucker for anything Disney:) Make wayyyy for Prince Aliii!Besos, Guadalupe[Cardigan: Express     Belt: Ebay     Jumpsuit: Ross]     

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Corduroy's Flower

I can't believe it is already fall! Summer was so good to me it is sad knowing it is over but I am excited for the winter months :) Since we are still transitioning into cooler weather shorts are still acceptable. For today's look I mixed different floral prints and separated them with a solid black belt. Both my top and shorts are corduroy which keeps you warm from the breeze. What is your favorite season?Besos, Guadalupe[Shorts: Love Culture     Belt: Express     Top: Thrifted     Shoes: Mango]

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Eurotrip Diary

A few photos from my trip, I hope you enjoy! xoxo :)
I was traveling for about 2 months in Europe.
I got to visit Italy, France and Spain. Honestly it was amazing, it was my first time traveling from the states and it was such an adventure! I met so many unforgettable people discovered new foods and caught on to a little bit of the language.
Everyone asks me which country was my favorite but I can not choose because they are so different and unique in their own way. Italy, especially Rome completely blew me away, it was better than the movies! The buildings, the history, the food just the way of life was perfect. Paris, was like a fairytale the language so sweet it makes you smile. It is such a romantic city especially at night. Seeing the Eiffel Tower at night is completely different from day, everything is lit up and it just leaves you in aw. In Spain I only got to see Barcelona but it was fascinating. The city to me seemed very modern. Gaudi's buildings and architecture were phenomenal! My favorite,of course, was La Sagrada Familia it was a whole new twist on how he designed and built the church. So detailed and intricate and the symbolism and history behind the cathedral was special. I have so many photos and stories I could go on for days but I will leave it at that.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Comfy Days

I am officially back from my Eurotrip!
I was traveling for about 2 months in Europe so I apologize for not posting frequently but I was alone and so it was difficult with no photographer. I am happy to be home and to share my wonderful and crazy adventures with my family and friends. As soon as I got home everyone noticed my tan! I definitely got more than a few shades darker yay :D
I will post more photos of my trip soon and share with you some of the highlights from my trip.

[Top: H&M     Shorts: DIY     Belt: Express     Shoes: H&M]

Monday, August 5, 2013

Washed Lilac

Greetings from Olbia, Sardegna!
I am currently enjoying Italy's beautiful little island off by the Mediterranean Sea :D It is absolutely stunning words can not express.
I was speechless when I first arrived and have been exploring new beaches non-stop. Today I went to Porto Rotondo where you can find smaller more private beaches which I feel are more exciting since they are not so commercial. I soaked up the sun in this lavender ombre bikini I bought while I was in Milan. I usually am not caught in bikinis because I feel they don't flatter my body very well but I couldn't resist the gathering detailing and of course the color!

[Bikini: Golden Point]

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

Today is my last day here in Milan. I have been here for almost a month and it feels like just yesterday I landed in beautiful Italy. Of course I am spending the day in Lombardy, shopping before heading off to Florence tomorrow. I originally came to Italy to take a course in pattern drafting to perfect my skills and now that my course has finished I am packing my bags and going to travel around Europe :) I will keep you updated with photos and outfits if I can manage to find someone to take my photos :p

Today we went to Duomo so I wore something appropriate to enter the cathedral. Here they won't let you in the cathedrals if they are museums if you have exposed shoulders or mini skirts/shorts. Of course being catholic I was raised to dress nice for church but I felt bad for all the tourists that were not able to get in because of their wardrobe lol. I stuck to one color palette and my black velvet pumps. I love the ruffle detailing of this top I thrifted a while back, it has a very western vibe to it :)

[Blouse: Thrifted     Pants: Choice     Bag: Forever 21]