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Toned and Sexy
 Music is key to motivating yourself during your workout
here are some of my personal songs I listen to share some of your favorite below :)

Working On My Fitness...He's My Witness ;)

It is time to start working out for summer! :D
It is never to late to start up your own personal exercise routine because who doesn't want to have a banging body anytime of the year???

Here are some of my tips to a healthier
sexier you!

  • You can never succeed any goal you have without self-motivation
  • You have to want it bad or you will keep thinking of some bs excuse to keep living your unhealthy or lacking exercise lifestyle.
  • You can use a friend who lost weight as motivation or a celebrity you admire to help you in the process and keep you pumped about working out. Or a cutie patootie you wanna attract ;)
  • It really helps to have a calender and every time you exercise mark the day with a smiley face it will show you if your keeping up with your routine and if you need to create a schedule to fit in some exercise if you've been too busy.
  • On the calender you can write down the length of time you worked out so you can keep progressing come next month :)

  • The type of music you workout to really can make a difference on your performance.
  • Slower music tends to make you feel more tired than something upbeat or with a fast rythm.
  • Try to listen to music with a faster beat because you can workout to the beat of the song :) or you can also play a song of someone you might want to achieve the body of it can be quite energizing.

  • Sometimes wearing a cute workout outfit instead of baggy sweats can make you feel sexy and boost your energy levels.
  • You want to feel good about exercising not dreading your funky clothes lol.
  • FYI: Ladies invest in a good sports bra you don't want your goodies bouncing and tearing your breast tissue= saggy boobs= no bueno.
Before Starting
  • Remember to wait 1hr- 1&30hr before starting your workout routine because if you exercise right after you eat you will get cramps= not a good workout
  • Have a goal for yourself...depending on what you want to loose or tone up you should know what you want to accomplish each session.
  • If you are barely starting don't feel bad if you can't accomplish everything you wanted the first week...remember your body is starting from scratch it takes time to build up muscle and endurance :)
  • Dancing is great for beginners! It is fun and burns off calories so if you are to intimidated by a tredmill or weights play some music and shake those excess pounds off.

Work that Body ;)
  • Stay hydrated!!! Exercising makes you sweat a lot and you need to stay hydrated...also staying hydrated helps with excess eating.
  • As you exercise imagine the pounds shedding off and a sexy new you arising :)
  • I always like to imagine myself running on the beach or in the forest it is peaceful.
  • Imagine yourself running to the finish line and seeing everyones face who didn't think you'd make it. lol

  • Don't forget to start a healthier diet plan...this does not mean to cut off all goodies because if you do that you make your mind panick and crave fast food or whatever your weakness is..instead treat yourself every now and then if you really want something. But try to surround yourself with healthier snacks:)

Have fun working out :P

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