Statement Sunnies 
This year we are quickly seeing a new accessory being added to our wardrobe: Statement sunglasses. They are no longer just to be worn for sun protection but to spruce up an outfit. They add a sort of mysterious and celebrity vibe I am loving this trend! There are many different styles, shapes and colors to choose from to fit your own personal style and face shape. Do you have a favorite style of sunnies? :)  

Zara Blazer, Ray Ban Aviators

Oasis Little Black Dress, River Island Satchel, Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses, H&M Leopard Belt, Accessorize Leopard Ballerina Pumps
Shopthecaravan.Com Sequin Sparkly Sweater, Karen Walker Sunglasses, House Of Harlow Ankle BootsMgp Dress, Sunglasses, Yesstyle Skirt, Sugarfree Shoes Heels, Necklace, NecklaceWww.Chicwish.Com Dress, Www.Stores.Ebay.Com/Zero Uv Sunglasses Sunglasses, Www.Choies.Com BootiesMotel Rocks Hot Pants, Blue Glue Bikini, Zero Uv SunglassesMad Lady Bikini, Chicwish Fringe Bag, Chicwish Sunglasses



Hey Squatchies!
 So I made a little "Fall Must Haves" collage these are great items to get for fall which will soon be creeping up on us.

It is exciting to see all the trends coming out for fall 2012 such as metallics, loafers, snake/ reptile prints, leather, 
military looks, faux fur, oversized sweaters, etc.

1. I absolutely love Victorias Secret Beauty Rush lip balm it keeps your lips moisturized without being super sticky and it has a tint of color.

2. A statement scarf whether it's a bold color, funky print or nice texture is a fall must!

3. Sheer Black tights are great to use for transitioning dresses,
skirts, and shorts into fall outfits.
Have fun with the prints and textures they come in.

4. A pair of riding boots are to die for they are so chic and
easy to pair off.

5. A leather jacket is great to have especially since they
are super warm and keep you cozy.


Big Trends Crossing Over to FALL
As many of you shopaholics may have noticed fall is well on its way. 
All the stores are preparing and bringing in inventory already for the fall season. Boots, cardigans, cozy sweaters yes we are all ready to wrap up summer soon.

However that doesn't mean you can't mix and pair some of your summer clothes with trendy pieces for fall ;)
Three brig trends that will be crossing over for fall include:

1. Sneak Attack
Sneakers are making there way into fall, they are so easy to pair off and they make a statement! Comfortable to wear to school and to wear while hanging out with friends.

2. Oversize
Over-sized sweaters, scarfs, trousers are in for this fall. This means you can eat all you want and not have to worry about it showing ;)
You can layer it up or simply toss on an over-sized sweater and be super comfy and cozy all day long.

 3. Busy Prints
We've seen it everywhere this summer and the prints are here to stay!
Mixing prints is fun and easy just make sure to add some solids to keep it from being overwhelming.

Body Art
Yes, tattoos seem to be taking over. Nowadays everyone seems to have at least one whether it be for decorative, personal, or religious reasons. They have become a trend especially for the millennial generation.

However there are other alternative and not so permanent ways to express art on your body :)
Henna tattoos are a great way to have fun and express yourself using natural dyes that stain the skin yet are not permanent, last about 2weeks :) 

I got one last week at Venice Beach here in LA and absolutely love it cost $10. 

Here are other examples of Henna Art:

2011 Henna Tattoos Art

Dip Dye Hair Trend
This year the dip dye hair trend has been really popular. It is a great way to add color to your hair without completely committing/damaging/or maintaining. It is easy and a fun way to spice up you hair :)


Mens Fashion
Ladies time to help the brothas out! Yes a lot of guys know how to dress and can rock an outfit yet sadly majority of them DON'T...Time to slap some fashion into our well loved men :)
Everyone has their own unique style and preference but below our some of mine 
Fashion foward, creative and freshhhh LOVE

Love this look! A lot of guys are afraid to wear warm colors and stick to neutrals which can be quite borrrrring...

This look is simple yet sophisticated, men need to start wearing coats instead of just sweaters all the time

If you're cute enough you might be able to get away with a silly print shirt ;)
If not stay awayyyy you will get laughed at hahahahaha

Love the boots and how the jean jacket is paired with a black button down shirt, great contrast! The bow tie adds a nice touch!

Ties are a bit dressy and don't look great on everyone but it;s great to experiment with different styles

Every guy should own a couple cardigans. Their sexy and comfy, yet pairing them off is difficult for many. This is a wonderful way to pair them off if your going on a date!

Leather jackets are super sexy they give that bad boy look every girl loves haha don't forget to accessorize ;)

Love love love his shoes, guys are always worried about having name brand shoes that everyone can distinguish. Why not try something fresh&new...also love the jean shirt very casual yet unique:)

If you don't want to dress up keep it casual with a button down and some jeans please no white tshirts unless they have a cool graphic or your are just soo fine you can rock it lol

Collar Bling

DIY (do it yourself) or store bought collars are a trendy accessory this summer! 
A lot of stores like H&M and Forever21 have collar inspired necklaces. 
However you can make your own collar
it's very easy below I have a youtube clip on how you can make your own trendy collar :)


Street Wear Fashion

Recently I have been really inspired by street wear. It is fascinating how everyone has their own unique style and it's fun to get inspired by others and try out different looks.

I can tell you right now if my friends and I bought the same skirt or blouse we would all pair it up and wear it differently lol
it's true because eventhough we have similar taste in clothing we have unique personalities:)

Love the vibrant colors and how the strappy shoes compliment the stripes on the dress!
p.s. she is definantly rocking the sock with heels look :)

Loving the pastel pink and the flowynesssss

Love the layering of the horse print cardi on top of the blouse.. tucked into the high-waist shorts and the peep-toe boots <3

Love how she made this girlie dress edgy by adding the leather vest

Love the high-waist maxi skirt with the cropped bustier!

Absolutely LOVE the colors!
So bright.. so fresh.. loving the cut-outs!

Love the studded red jacket and how she pulled her hair back makes ithe overall look more fresh :)

Loving the trouser pants!
p.s. Forever 21 sells cute trouser pants like these :)

Love the oversized tee and messy bun.. still looks chic!

Loving the shoes and accessories!

Love the accessories and the sinched in waist!


Fashion Window Displays
Next time you go to the city or even just walk around the mall stop and check out the window displays at your favorite stores.

Companies invest a lot of $$$ on props and a team of visual merchandisers to brand their store image on the window displays and lure customers in.

Has it worked on you?

Most likely...yes! Whether you've seen a shiny new purse or a cute new dress or even just a big sale sign, this glance you took at their display may have lead you to go into a store you probably never shopped at .
Barney's- New York
Ralph Lauren

Miu Miu

Barbie- Collete Paris
I think the padded elephants are just adorable at Louis Vuitton and I want one of them for Christmas please!
Louis Vuitton
Printemps- Paris
Henri Bendels NYC

5 Quick Ways to Spruce Up
Your LOOK <3

Looking fab does not have to cost a lot. Doing one or all of the following will take your look to the next level.

No more drab and hello fabbb ;)

1.Pump it Up
             This is one of the easiest ways to make your outfit look completely different. Adding a pair of pumps to any outfit makes it look more fashionable and elegant. So if you don't own a pair you better be going to the mall asap!
 p.s. Ross sells super cute heels for cheap!!!

2.Hair Dooo
 Don't be predictable and wear the same hairstyle everyday. Changing your dooo can make a simple outfit look fierce ;) A messy bun. pin curls, side braid, fish tail, slick ponytail, etc have fun with you hair it wants to be played with!
p.s. look up hairstyle tutorials on youtube! And for that crimped look braid moist hair over night(2-5 braids depending on thickness) and when sleeping beauty arises her hair will be crimped :)

3.Lip Stain
   Tone up or calm down your look with some lipstick. There are so many different shades every girl should have at least 2 shades of lipstick. One should be a nude or a light pink to tone down your look if you are wearing a lot of colors or eye makeup or maybe you just want that natural look. Next you should have a bold lipstick, whether it is hot pink, ruby red, tangerine or purple this is great to add when you want to spice up your look.
p.s. I have been looking for a neon yellow/green one if anyone knows where they sell them let me know :) Oh! and if you have those two kind you can mix them on your lips together and have fun creating different shades :)

4. Accessorize
Adding some bling to your outfit makes a biggg difference. Even if your not much of an accessory person putting on some earings when you have your hair up or wearing all your gold and silver bracelets looks super cute. Jewelry, bold hand bags, colorful scarfs, belts, etc adds a unique touch of your personality :)


ANTIDOTE #4 ‘The Animal Issue’ F/W 12.13 Model: Daphne GroeneveldPhotographer: Txema Yeste 

5. Be Yourself
Add your own spunk to your look and make it represent who you are. Everyone has their own unique style and you shouldn't be afraid to show it off ;) Now go out there and strut your look!



Sexy lace
lace fashion 1 Lace is Love (25 photos)
Lace is going to be big this spring. It is sexy yet elegant and very comfortable to wear. It is a light weight fabric that can easily be paired with anything.

Color Blocking
Color blocking has made its way back this year! Have fun mixing colors that contrast each other and take your look to the next level. Don't be afraid to mix prints as well it's all about showing off your creativity :) I have seen some super cute wedges already in stores that have color blocking. (Reflection $38)


Pastels are a big hit this year they are soft colors that reminds me of ice cream :) Pastel jeans are super cute and you can find some at Forever 21 or H&M for less than $20! This look screams SPRING!

Just outta bed with your lover look
Apparently perfection has gotten BORIIING! The new look for this year according to leading makeup and hair stylists is the tousled look so ladies no more Kim Kardashian look!
read more at:

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