Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nature's Cry

Today I saw a coyote at Griffith Park here in Los Angeles! It was surreal. It was gorgeous and I wasn't too terrified 
since I was in the safety of my car haha but they are supposedly harmless.
I love coming to Griffith Park to hike. The trails are quite a workout and I believe the park runs for 13 miles! 
They also have an observatory and a theater and much more :)
Don't worry I didn't wear this outfit to go hiking haha but to go check out the observatory.
It was super packed however and incredibly hard to find parking 
so I left and went shopping at the Beverly Center instead :)
I will definitely be coming back though because I heard great things on the observatory.

[Blazer:H&M     Dress: Fashion District     Booties: Santee Alley]

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