Thursday, February 14, 2013

San Valentin

Happy Valentine's Day my gorgeous Squatchies! 
I hope everyone is enjoying this day full of love with their besties or boyfriends :)
I don't have a Valentine, so I decided to have a picnic with one of my good friends and my sister. I made chocolate covered strawberries and we ate yumi sandwiches. I love having picnics it's so relaxing. This park in particular was really nice, except for we almost got attacked by these huge ducks! 
They wanted our sandwiches and these ducks were no joke I was pretty scared haha.
For my outfit I went for all purple. I love the flow of this flower print top, and the lace detailing in the middle adds a unique touch. 
I actually got the top and my lilac jeans from fashion district here in LA. 

[Top: Fashion District     Jeans: Fashion District     Wallet: Michael Kors     Heels: Off Broadway] 

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