Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Prince Ali

Today I sported this ever so comfy jumpsuit through the streets of San Francisco. It was such a gorgeous day surprisingly, because it always tends to be super gloomy in the city. I am loving the sheer legs of this jumpsuit because they add a discreet touch of sexiness! Howeverrrr, this jumpsuit is very dangerous because since it is wide legged, you can easily get your foot caught while walking if it is windy which unfortunately happened to me and I literally ate the pavement lol. In this circumstance all one can do is laugh and quickly get up before anyone sees! Have you guys ever experienced something of this sort?Anyway, San Francisco as well as every other city has a lot of really cool graffiti. There are many alleys full of pretty interesting artwork, this one in particular caught my attention. Something about the elephants and the colors it reminds me of the Disney movie Aladdin. I am such a sucker for anything Disney:) Make wayyyy for Prince Aliii!Besos, Guadalupe[Cardigan: Express     Belt: Ebay     Jumpsuit: Ross]     

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