Thursday, May 15, 2014


With the temperatures quickly rising it is time to bust out all our summer pieces. I have recently developed an obsession for rompers. They are an instant outfit, you just throw it on and then figure out what accessories you feel compliment it. I feel like rompers are very forgiving and extremely flattering on most body types. The only thing I find annoying is using the bathroom when wearing one and having to take the whole darn thing off!

p.s. I don't recommend buying these boots from Milanoo as they are very poor quality for the price I paid! If you do buy from the site make sure the shoes you like have plenty of reviews, as they tend only to publish only positive reviews...

[Romper: LA boutique     Sunglasses: SF boutique     Cardigan: Banana Republic     Clutch: Guess     Booties:]

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