Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Los Cabos

A few days before Thanksgiving I decided to plan a spontaneous mini trip with one of my girlfriends to Los Cabos, Mexico. It was a nice escape from the cold weather here in Northern California. We stayed pretty close to the Marina and the downtown area. I was so surprised on how touristy the area is, I know it should have been a no-brainer since it is a vacation spot. I guess I am used to going to Guanajuato in Mexico where my mom's family is from and it is not anything like it. Although we were only there for a short while we thoroughly enjoyed time. We literally only consumed tacos and alcoholic beverages while we were there lol. We loved the nightlife there, everything is so close you can literally walk from bar to bar. My favorite for music was La Vaquita, dancing wise La Mandala. They had this super weird bar called Squid Roe...which had me scratching my head like skid row? Anyways the bar was very strange people dancing on tables even the workers lol I only liked it because they give you free popcorn lol.

During the day we would explore the beaches and we took a tour to go see El Arco. We got to see Pelican beach as well as Lovers Beach and much more including a variety of rock formations. The guide even gave us some tortillas to crumble and toss in the water to feed the fish and when they came up to eat the pieces it was absolutely stunning the many different kind of fish there were. Different colors, different sizes, all vibrant and some even were polka-dotted. The guide also told us that since the hurricane that hit a few years back in Mexico, the water level has raised 18ft so some of the beaches that connected don't anymore. I did get a little sea sick I am not going to lie lol. Later on we went for lunch at Esperanza Resort. The property was the definition of luxury. They have six different restaurants on property. We ate at La Palapa, the view from the restaurant was incredible and the food was very delicious. I hope to go back soon!


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