Saturday, February 4, 2017


Aloha! It still seems surreal that my sister and I were finally able to visit Hawaii for the first time. It was everything we imagined and so much more. The island was absolutely gorgeous. It was a very short stay but we definitely made the most of every hour we were there. We flew to Honolulu and as soon as we landed we took the bus and explored Waikiki Beach. The beach was full of surfers and tourists and we were even able to watch traditional Hawaiian dancers. Something about the music and the way the hula dancers moved made me feel at peace. The following days we went hiking to Maunawili  Falls in Kailua, which was quite a hike since the bus left us literally on the side of the highway. The trail itself was super muddy and consisted of crossing several rocky streams but once we finally reached the waterfall it was spectacular! Something you imagine for a honeymoon :) I had also looked up Halona Beach Cove which was a more "private" beach, it actually was the beach filmed in the movie 50 1st Dates. It was stunning, it looked surreal! There was a little cave and barely any people. Call me anti-social but I prefer a more secluded beach were you can just be in your own world. Who's with me? What islands have you visited and what kind of activities do you prefer to do?
I wore this baby blue high waisted bikini with laced detailing. The laced up sides accentuated my hips and I loved the off-the-shoulder little sleeves attached to the top, it added a romantic touch. I felt like Cinderella. 
A hui hou...until we meet again.


[Bikini: Forever 21]

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