Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Shades of Grey

Today it poured here in Milano. I had never experienced rain like this before today. As we were taking my
pictures for today's blog post a big splat of water hit my arm...I thought it was bird poop but as I looked I saw it was water. Again a big splat on my head... then it all came pouring on us, huge droplets of rain one could stand between the in a certain spot and not get wet it was so strange in California when it rains it sprinkles evenly, here it is sparse but heavy. We had to run to the metro and we got pretty drenched but I have to admit it was quite fun. Anyway for today's look I went with a monochromatic theme. Stuck to basic black and white but have fun mixing prints :)

[Cardigan: Target     Pants: Forever 21     Shoes:]

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