Saturday, June 14, 2014

La Tortuga

I am currently enjoying my third week here in Mexico. I am extremely thankful and blessed to have such a loving family. This weekend we went to check out El Geiser in Hidalgo, it was amazing all of the pools where heated and the vapor from the volcano was epic, even though since it contained sulfur it stank like egg lol.
We then headed over to La Tortuga in Queretaro which was more of a spiritual experience.We first had massages and then we had a session in el temazcal, which is like a spiritual steam room. The temazcal was intense, it was a 2hour session with 4 tiny breaks in between, at one point I had to lay down because I was about to pass out from all the heat. It was such an emotional experience holding space for others and letting go of all the toxic things from all lives. xoxo

[Bikini Top: Golden Point     Bikini Bottom: ASOS     Chain: ASOS]

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